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Polarization converter

    • Jingchao Fang

      In the figure of "", you claim that your converter can convert the TE mode to TM mode. However, when opening the "pol_converter.lms", the mode of 2 ports are all TE.

      Do you have an example that can convert the TE0 mode to TM0 mode? Thanks!

    • Amrita Pati
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Jingchao,

      I believe we do not have any additional examples of Polarization Conversion. As mentioned in the article, in the simulation file we can look at the conversion efficiency for TE1 to TE0, TE1 to TM0, and TE1 to TE1 modes. In the file you are referring to I believe the three modes on the input and the output ports haven't been selected. Right-click on each of the port, edit (go to the EME port tab), and select the first 3 modes (instead of just 1 mode).

      If you solve for the eigenmodes at Port 1, you will see that the first three modes will be the TE0, TE1, and TM0. Next, select the first three modes in Port 2 similarly. These should be the TE0, TM0, and TE1. Then run the simulation, perform the EME propagate, and while performing the length sweep make sure "Group Span 2" is selected. You can also see the S-matrix index mapping in the EME analysis window:

      This should give you the polarization efficiencies that the example has mentioned:

      Now if you just want to look at the conversion efficiency for TE0 mode to TM0 mode, just select these modes at the corresponding ports, and perform the sweep, and look at the S-matrix.


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