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Polyflow 3D problem – divergence and convergence

    • Rayanne Pinto Costa

      I have been encountering a problem with divergence of velocities and coordinates. My model is able to converge up to 0.98 of the evolution applied to the flow rate and moving boundaries. I have free surface outside the die and interface between two polymers inside and outside the die. It is an isothermal problem, and a coextrusion problem. For the remeshing of the free surface and interface areas I am using the elastic meshing (tetrahedral for the part inside the die (complex shape) and hex for the part outside the die)  At this point, I am assuming Newtonian fluid to simplify. The simulation does not converge to the final S=1. The warning I get it is that the dS value reached a smaller value than the minimum dS set which was 1e-5 for evolution. My question is if it makes sense to decrease the minimum dS even smaller than this? Or should I be looking into another parameter? Any tip about how to go around convergence and divergence issues?

      I appreciate any suggestions.


    • Federico Alzamora Previtali

      Hello Rayanne, 

      you might benefit from contacting Ansys Technical Support to review your specific model and questions.

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