polyhedral meshing wierd behaviour

    • atulsingh92

      I am trying to mesh a periodic unit of a pipe's volume extract (although not defined yet).
      I have set 2 scopings to create the surface mesh
      1) BOI
      2) Curvature

      Then selected a fluid region- computed the region- defined the boundary layer on the helical groove and wall of the tube.

      Although I am getting the boundary layers, I am not sure, why am I getting a wierd shaped poly-hexcore on the walls of this mesh.


      Any thoughts on how can I correct this?

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      That's unusual. What are the cells like in 3d? Ie please post some images of the slice planes. 

    • atulsingh92


      Iteratively, I found that this was due to a very low value of BL at the surface. So If i am not wrong, the polyhedral just below or slightly away from the surface wants to or is sized to be at the surface, but can't. Hence the lines and its intersection.

      Reducing the first layer height (increasing) solves the problem.

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