Polynomial thermodynamic properties in fluent database

    • riverox


      Does anyone know where the thermodynamic properties that fluent database uses are from? Specifically, I'm using fluent's default properties for air and nitrogen. The properties are piecewise polynomial specific heats, power-law viscosities, and molecular weights. I just want to know where I can reference these values. Thank you!

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee
      Fluent's database is a little vague in places, data may be from text books, experimental data or published literature. Unfortunately, many of the references weren't recorded, and even more were set with no information about reference pressure & temperature. I always use the material data with caution, and generally check against a data book or steam tables (I probably should update and use Google like everyone else).
      There is a project to link to Granta MDS but that's just solids at present.
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