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    • sgrisez

      I have 4 pipes that go into a pond.  2 inlets are 12inches and velocity is 3.83ft/sec each and go straight into the square pond at lower left and upper right.  My pond tapers and goes to down about 27' deep.  The outlets are 0 pressure.  The red arrows indicate the direction of the simulation input.  The orange arrows indicate the simulation output.  I would expect the outlet to be going straight down on the left and straight up on the right.  Also, I would expect the inputs to go straight in from lower left directly right and straight in to the upper right directly left.  But as you can see by the arrows they seem to come into the pond diagonally left to lower right, and diagonally right to upper left.  My pipe walls are 0.1ft thick.  Do they need to be thicker for the full pipe to be respected?  Any ideas?  It appears that the simulation is wrong.

    • Subashni Ravichandran
      Ansys Employee

      Hello sgrisez

      To check the smallest size captured by Discovery Live, you can hover your mouse over the fidelity bar. But please note that this feature is available only in the latest version (2019 R3). 

      I will be able to help you better with the problem if I could take a closer look at the model. Could you please share the model with us? I will send you a Ansys Secure Transfer link to share the model. 

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