Population Balance Model Implementation

    • roytorc

      Hi, I am modeling soot formation from combustion process and would like to use the provided population balance model. In order to avoid the computational time issue, I tried to do the PBM from my completed non-premixed combustion with flamelete model.

      Below are what I have done so far:

      1. Store the parameters I need for PBM phenomena in UDM, which are Temperature, Pressure, Species mass fraction

      2. Set species model to Species Transport

      3. Enabled Multiphase: Mixture with 2 phases

      4. Added soot as new fluid material

      5. Set pdf-mixture as my primary phase and soot as secondary phase

      6. Enabled Population Balance: Discrete with phenomena

      7. Disable all equations in Solution Controls except phase-2 bin

      8. Set Phase Interaction-> Mass -> phase-1: a4 to phase-2 Mechanism: Population Balance

      However, this simulation was not success as I keep getting 0 as the result for each bin. Both with constant and UDF population balance phenomena. Could you please advise. I am doubting that it is impossible to use PBM with data from UDM.

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