porous media with mud and air

    • poelon22

      Hi everyone,


      I need help for this request:


      I have initialy air inside my domaine and when I insert mud liquide inside by my inlet, I want only air go throught outlet and keep th mud inside. th pressure must increase. I use for now porous media but I am not able to keep mud inside my domaine.


      Please, someone can help me?

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Porous media will only slow material, but even then only if that material has somewhere to build up. What are you trying to model?

    • poelon22

      I try to simulate, for the moment, a filling domaine with mud, but this mud must stay inside the domaine. The air must go outside by the outlet with porous media, because like you write, this slowing air throught the outlet is important for the model. Eventually, I will filtrate this mud. 


      I try for the moment, a wall just before the porous domaine but with air flux and velocity throught this wall and the result seems acceptable. This wall keep the mud inside without restraint air. 

    • Karthik R

      It seems like you would like to model the filtration process. In order to do this, you will need to also activate the Discrete Phase Modeling (along with the porous media). The idea would be to trap your mud particles based on certain set criteria - either size of the particle with respect to the pore size or if the velocity of the particle is smaller than a certain minimum threshold. As you trap these particles, you will need to block off certain parts of the porous media through a UDF. Based on this blockage, you will need to readjust the viscous resistance parameters. The blockage and permeability will have to interface with each other. This would be one way to get your problem working. 

      With respect to the UDF, I'd recommend that you use the Fluent Customization Manual as a starting point. And regarding the viscous resistance data, you will need to either get this information from experiments or from existing literature. 

      Several studies have been conducted in this area on Fluent and they are well documented in the literature. Please take a look at the papers and try to replicate their results. This will help you build and verify your model.

      I hope this helps.



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