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Port 1 does not have a solved material on either side

    • nikhil16

      Hello all!

      I am trying to simulate a PCB circuit with some more additions to it in HFSS. After numerous trials and referring to forums I haven't been able to find the solution for the error, it would be very very helpful if someone here could help me out in figuring out where I am going wrong.

      At the validation check phase I get the message: ' Assign atleast one solve inside to your materials'

      When done so the simulation runs smoothly until it hits an error which reads ---

        [error] Port refinement, process hf3d error: Port 1 does not have a solved inside material on either side.. Please contact ANSYS           technical support. (6:05:00 PM  Dec 11, 2019)

      I've tried checking the 'solve inside' box for the port but it still doesn't simulate and gives a different error. 


      Looking at the progress report of the simulation, the error comes up exactly when the progress bar reads ' building matrices'
      every step before that like meshing goes through without any error.

      Looking forward to some constructive advice on how to go about it.

       P.S : Couldn't attach the .aedt file here.

      Nikhil (

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