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    • sana ullah


      I am working in Sheffield university UK and i often work on Ansys MAxwell. Whenever i face a problem , i often uses student community discussion centre and i hardly get a reply there, i talked to the university and they are reluctant to give the login details, is there anyway in which i can be associated with a company which has Ansys licence and hence by email is considered as user id and thus given priority as its very frustrating  to use student community.



    • Sandeep Medikonda
      Ansys Employee


        I was notified that you weren't able to post earlier. I believe this is working now?

        Regarding your question, There are 3 discussions I see were posted in the past 24 hrs and we are working on getting you the appropriate help. Please allow some time for the engineers with the appropriate background to respond back. I will personally follow up on these for you.


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