Possibility of moving a pressure-inlet on a surface

    • Frendrup

      Hi there,

      (It is to be mentioned I'm at beginners level in using this program, and that I cannot share any images of my setup as the specific model is confidential information)

      I am using Fluent to simulate a laser welding fixture which is to shield a weldzone with an inert gas, which I have figured out how to do.

      My problem is now that i have to figure out how to simulate the effects of the laser welding, preferably using transient as I need to see the shielding gas cover the weldzone.

      To delimite the simulation I am focusing on the heat generated in the weld material (which should heat up the shielding gas, maybe resulting in it raising up and away from the weldarea) and the vapor velocity from the weld material vaporisation (as this presumably will push the shielding gas away).

      To simplify the simulation (instead of actually having to simulate the weld material heat up and transition between the three phases solid --> liquid --> vapour), I was thinking of creating a velocity-inlet on the surface of the weld material, with the size of the keyhole when actually laser welding, and have this move a desired distance (e.g. 4 mm) along the material.

      Additionally I would like to have the heat source move together with the pressure-inlet. 


      Is this something which seems possible to make? If so can, some of you guys please come with an educated guess to how I would approach this?

      Looking forward to hear from you

      - Frendrup

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