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Possible low lift forces

    • Fernando Carnevale

      I'm a member of the Aero Design team of my university and we are developing the wing of the model. When I simulated the lift and drag forces I got the following results: LIFT = 10.3 [N] and DRAG = 0.3 [N]. Are these results accurate?(AoA 0)

      Since the sizes of the wing are: wingspan = 1050 mm; area = 0.45 m2 ; chord = 185 mm.

      The foil got a high lift coefficient on XRFL5 (close to 1.2 at AoA 0).

      The velocity used in this simulation was 8m/s (average cruising speed)

      I'm new to Ansys Fluent, so I used this setup:

      THANK YOU!!


    • SRP
      Ansys Employee


      I suggest you to also check ansys innovation course: 3D Transonic Flow Over a Wing | Ansys Innovation Courses

      This will help you to understand lift and drag phenomea more clearly.

      Thank you and hope you this course useful.

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