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Post process many outlets in AIM

    • apoerschke

      I am doing a study where I am looking at many manifold designs. These designs have 20-30 outlets. Is there a way to use calculated values to identify the single port with the maximum or minimum airflow? Currently I have to manually select every port and evaluate the results which is rather tedious. 


      If this capability is not integrated within AIM, it seems the scripting functions could be leveraged to loop through a list of faces (selection set) and display the values. Where can I find thorough documentation on scripting within AIM? 

    • Brian Bueno
      Ansys Employee


      I will have to inquire about this for AIM and scripting as well.

      If your PC meets the minimum hardware requirements, I would recommend using Discovery Live.

      Discovery Live has an option to identify the Min/Max locations for quantities like velocity and pressure.  The results would not be as accurate, but it would narrow your search down to a few (or possibly one) outlets rather than the large number you're facing now.

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