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    • Alberto

      Hi community,

      I have done some transient simulation of a 3d rotating geometry due to inflow velocity. I would like to generate chart by comparing results like for examples, velocity, pressure and other variables, is there a way to load several .cdat in post processing stand alone in order to get a plot of these for each simulations ?

      Furtheremore, I'm asking for a suggestion: how can I analyze the velocity along a direction (defined by a chord line) along the geometry profile? I drew the chord, then I've plot some variables along it, but results seems not good becouse angular velocity does not cancel at rotation center as it should be. Is there a better way to do it? 

      Many thanks for the help

    • Luca B.
      Ansys Employee

      Regarding the first question, you can do that. But you need to import those file into CFD-Post.

      For the second question can you explain better what need ? Is the line part of you model or it is a new geometry part? 

    • Alberto

      Ok, I'll try to give another explanation:

      Consider a rotating propeller inside a 3D volume of air. The propeller is actuated by the inflow velocity which comes from the inlet with a certain velocity and impact on it. Then the fluid forces were transmitted to the propeller and it start rotating around z- axis (1DOF - rotation only). So at certain time instant the steady state is reached and the propeller rotate with constant angular velocity. I want to plot the velocity profile and the pressure (and other variables) along the spanwise direction of the propeller, so i take the last time instant and draw a chord line which measure this spanwise direction and I use it as x-coordinate in my plot. I'm expecting that at the aereodynamic center the angular velocity will be 0.

      Furthremore, how can i compute the angular velocity by the knowledge of the velocity (along all axes) in ansys post processing? it is possible?



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