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Post Processing and Visualizing Result As I want

    • Ha heongyu

      Hi there.
      I am student mainly using LS-DYNA and Ansys mechincal.
      I am doing stamping forming simulation and I have some question.
      I like to visualize the model applying graph(Forming Limit Diagram) to every single mesh.
      For example, in paper "Springback Prediction in Sheet Metal Forming, Based on Finite Element Analysis and Artificial Neural Network Approach"
      Author did Stamping Forming simulation and Applied FLD to Model Like image.
      I think the Author first located every single mesh to left graph and gave color.
      I want to know how to do this.
      User defined Results? Python codes?
      I will very appreciate if you let me know.
      Thank you.

    • Ram Gopisetti
      Ansys Employee


      Workbench LSDYNA currenlty do not support FLD curves, 

      however, LSDYNA post processer LS-PREPOST has these features, with right setup, under the fld use the formability section to get the FLD standard foramablity key countor as follows 

      LSPP is free to use 

      cheers, ram 

      • Ha heongyu

        Thank you So much!

        I found the fld menu and opened the Plotwindow-1 window, But I failed to display point in graph and display color at model.

        I will very appreciate if you let me know how to do that.

      • Ha heongyu

        Thank you for answering.

        It wasn't that i didn't find the way to point the mesh in fld plot, but my fld values were strange.

        Any mesh i choose, the values like t, %R, E1, E2, EPS, Beta is all zero.

        It's same to each mesh all.

        So i guess all mesh were pointed in origin in fld plot.

        Is this because I designed the punch, plate, die as a shell surface model?

        Why is this like this??

        I will very appreciate if you help me little more.

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