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Post Processing in transient analysis

    • murali

      This is the displacement probe plot for the free end of a cantilever beam subject to an initial displacement of 5e-3 m. I did this as a 2 step analysis. I have two questions:

      1. How should I adjust the analysis settings so that I get the displacement 5e-3 at time 0 (as it is not possible to keep the step end time as 0?) ? Or is there some way to adjust the plot once the analysis is done?
      2.  How do i get rid of the points on the curve so that I have a smooth curve?

      Thanks In advance.

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee



      Answer to both questions is: copy the data from the displacement probe, and paste into excel and change the values as needed so they start from when you want – when plotting there you can choose a curve with no dots at the plotted values (so line only graph, dots only etc.).

      All the best



      • murali

        Thanks you Erik.

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