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Post-processing surface results using EnSight


    • The Dr. Sky

      I'm running flow simulations in an artery using CFX. The fluid domain was reconstructed from a .stl file using the Autoskin tool in SpaceClaim. As a result, the wall of the fluid domain consists of multiple facets. To simplify the prescription of the wall boundary condition in CFX, a named selection (called arterial_wall) was created to include all facets of the wall surface. The CFX results were exported in EnSight format (using Output Level 3) and successfully loaded into EnSight. 

      In EnSight, I would like to split the entire wall surface into multiple regions (convexity/concavity/anterior/posterior). While clipping could be used, it would be very difficult to implement given the tortuosity of the wall geometry. It would be more convenient to create those subregions using the original facets boundig the fluid domain. Unfortunately, it looks like EnSight only recognizes the named selection (arterial_wall) as opposed to the different facets that were used to create this surface.

      Is there a way to get access to those individual facets in EnSight, so that I can define new groups representing my regions of interest?

    • CFD_Friend
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Sky,

      You can try the Subset Part option in Ensight. You can learn more about this here.



      Thanks & Regards

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