Post processing_ create figures with the same visual settings

    • Jonathanmosh2

      Hi everybody,


      I am working on a series of files with the same geometry but different external conditions.

      I want to save my deformation contours so that all of them have the same visual characteristics such as the same size and location of the body in the display window, the same color bar range, font size, etc. ( if you have experience with STARCCM+, for example, you can copy the visual features of your desired contour and copy it to other contours to create figure that have similar setting. 


      How can do the same thing in the Workbench?


    • peteroznewman

      Right mouse click on a Legend > Named Legends > New ... and give it a name.

      Repeat but select Manage, pick the named legend then Export...

      On another result, right mouse click, Manage > Import ...

      This is how you create the same legend on multiple results.

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