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General Mechanical

Postbuckling Analysis

    • MKeleshteri



      I'm trying to do Postbuckling Analysis using APDL, I'm wondering if there is any tutorial about topic!




    • Rohith Patchigolla
      Ansys Employee


      There is an example (Chapter 21: Buckling and Post-Buckling Analysis of a Ring-Stiffened Cylinder Using Nonlinear Stabilization) in Technology Demonstration Guide in ANSYS Help documentation here.

      Best regards,


    • Sandeep Medikonda
      Ansys Employee


      In case you aren't aware, you can also find several learning modules on the Cornell website.

      Buckling example is available in mechanical here.

      One additional recommendation would be to refer to the verification manual. You might find Cases 127 and 128 useful.


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