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Postprocess Coupled Analysis ( Thermal and fluent)

    • PLG
      I am currently trying to view the results of a thermal stationary analysis and a fluent analysis. With the studentversion. Both simulations get coupled via the system coupling component in "workbench 2022 R2". It seems that in previous versions (before Ansys 2021 R1) there was the ability to combine the solutioncell of a simulation from any FEM (results from "Mechanical")  with the results cell of a "Fluent" simulation.
      Since then, Postprocessing has shifted to "Ensight" as seen in the System Coupling tutorial : Looking at the Reed Valve chapter and downloading the provided Workbench archive makes it possible to have a baseline to compare to later. When trying to combine the results in that tutorial, you first need to enable an extension inside workbench to get the "Ensight (Beta)" component to show. (Yes, I do not only want to load the case files inside the \\dp0\SC\SC\SyC folder, because they seem to contain only the system coupling interface data, not the resulting stresses inside the valve) The rest of the tutorial and loading the results into Ensight is straight forward and gives ok results ( But the previously 2 Parts in the structural sim get combined into one part?). The Problem arises when I try to import any other results (from simulations where the geometry has  more than one body). In Ensight there will be more parts displayed than are in the geometry (respectfully, some of these bodies really are faces where boundary conditions got applied or contacts were created [see the unchecked parts for the Transient Structural] ). In my solution, trying to solve the following geometry, no body-results from the second part get exported / displayed (only the outside surfaces).       I know the Ensight component is in beta but COME ON, is there any other way to view coupled results (from FEM and CFD) or are there specific settings you have to apply while exporting mechanical results to Ensight ?
    • Rahul Mule
      Ansys Employee


      To view coupled results in EnSight you might want to try following the mentioned procedure. (

      1. Load System Coupling results. For the Look in field, navigate to System Coupling's results folder, \dp0\SC\SC\SyC\Results
      2. Load Mechanical results.

                  > File > Open > Enable keep Currently Loaded data >  (load .rst file from \dp0\FFF\MECH) Enable advanced interface > Load all parts

          3. Load Fluent Results

                 > File > Open > Enable keep Currently Loaded data > (load .rst file from \dp0\FFF\Fluent) Enable advanced interface > Select .cas file 

                  Edit both file names, replacing the step number with a wild card, as follows:
                          \dp0\FFF\Fluent\FFF.1-1-*.dat.h5           and load all parts.

      Hope that helps!!





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