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    • dzhuang18


      I am using LS Dyna with a manufacturer provided model. I have the following questions:

      1. I wish to extract a plot of the maximum 1st - principal strain across the entire model as it varies with time. Is this possible in the Post tab? ELOUT has already been triggered in the file, not sure if this is relevant.
      2. When I output the data using output, like so:
    • tslavik
      Ansys Employee
      1) Please refer to this: where you are probably interested in the section which begins: "You can also create a TIME HISTORY PLOT"
      2) The formatting of that file is described in the GENERAL CARD FORMAT section of the Getting Started chapter of the Vol I manual. The manual can be downloaded here:
      The word wrapping is a from your text editor - use its option to change the behavior, or try a different editor.
      3) The "Curr" button at the bottom of that pop-up menu can be used to write the data for that "current" time state. Advance in time, the use Output again and hit Curr for that new state, and so on.
      4) Again, please refer to this:
    • rybask1
      Be sure that STRFLG is set to 1 in KEYWORD>DATABASE>EXTENT_BINARY in order to output strain data to ELOUT.
      Furthermore, you may open the d3plot in LS Pre-Post, then navigate to the 'Post' tab, and view specific element history for maximum principal strain. If you'd like to see all of the elements in the model, you can also use the ASCII tab. and select 'All' elements which were in the element set that was used in the HISTORY set.
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