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    • ssaeidab


      I simulated a motor in Maxwell Ansys. Its electrical power ((3/2)*Emax*Imax) is 385200W and its Mechanical power (torque *w) is 382228W. The core loss is about 1KW. why mechanical power plus core loss is not equal to electrical loos? Is there another loss that I have not considered?

      Also, I checked the Stranded Loss at different speeds and its value is constant and equal to 789.6KW, How can I fix it?

      How can I calculate the copper loss of winding s Maxwell?

      Could you please help me with these questions?


    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee
      Hi @Saeids I am not sure the formula you used for input power calculation is correct. Where is the power factor in that?
      There are some other losses like the bearing friction loss. so this will not match exactly if you just take losses only from maxwell.
      789 KW of stranded loss for a 385 KW machine is not correct.
      If you are using voltage excitation - Calculate the DC resistance, which you can do from the conductor dimensions and input in the excitation window. If you are using current excitation maxwell will calculate resistance and hence the stranded loss.

      Regards Navya
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