Power of reflected light

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    • Frederic Wu

      I am currently simulating a reflector. I found out that the power of the reflected light seems to differ a lot when I change the setting of my source. 

      For example, when the source wavelength ranges to 2 to 10 microns, there are at least 30% of light reflected at the 8.1 micron region. However, when the source wavelength focuses on 8 to 8.3 microns, there are barely any reflected light. Why is this?

      Thanks for your time and help.

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      I guess the first case is ok but the second case might have shorter simulation time. In addition, the mesh size are very different if you use auto meshing, as the mesh size is determined by the shortest wavelength in material. When you compare the two scenarios, you have to fix the wavelength ranges for material fitting and meshing:

      You can also fix it in material explore and FDTD Advanced.

      If the resonance is strong, you may also need to reduce "auto shut off min" .


      Please try. If problem still exists, please post some screenshots of the simulation settings.

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