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Pre Mesh Crack for interface area error

    • ALOK KUMAR Maurya

      Hi, I tried to introduce Pre mesh crack for interface area between 2 materials . I am getting following error-One of the crack's mesh encompasses multiple bodies which have different material models. Ensure one material model by scoping these bodies to one material assignment object.


      Whether it is allowed

    • Ashish Khemka
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Alok,

      If you want to calculate the energy release rate (G) using the virtual crack closures technique (VCCT) (if this is the case) then you need to modify your Analysis Settings. You need to deactivate the calculations for the SIFS J-Integral Material Force and T-Stress. You also have to turn OFF large deformation.The other fracture calculations do not support spanning multiple materials. If those calculations are active then the solver issues the error message.The VCCT calculations are incorrect because it does not support large deformations. You must deactivate large deformations to calculate G.
      Ashish Khemka
    • ALOK KUMAR Maurya

      Dear Ashish,

      Thank you for your reply . I have another doubt -

      1. whether the element order is to be maintained as linear for vcct analysis.
      2. I am making the same material in both sides of crack , still I am getting same error message.
      3. Whether this pre mesh crack will work on curved surface.

      I am attaching my model photo. here i am introducing pre mesh crack as edge crack at red and blue points. In case of red point both side materials are same. In case of blue , materials are different.


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