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General Mechanical


    • mbenraz


      I m just learning Ansys, and I want to get the maximum stress in my structure except a specific area only. when i use that i can get stress max in all my structure.

      NSORT, s, x, 0, 1

      *Get, Sig_x_max,sort,0,max

      NSORT, s, y, 0, 1

      *Get, Sig_y_max,sort,0,max

      NSORT, s, Z, 0, 1

      *Get, Sig_z_max,sort,0,max

      a second question is, should i use nodal or elemental solutions for stress max.

      Tank you

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      Moving to Structural Mechanics category for better response. 



    • mbenraz

      Hello, thank you for answer but we work with mechanical apdl only, for exemple if my selection CM1 is one that i want t remove from my structure. what shoud i add to my scripte, to get the maximum stress in my (structure - CM1).

      Thank you

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