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Predicting actual time ??

    • joolih


      I am simulating porous material deformation over time. In reality, depending on the porosity, permeability, or other boundary conditions, the actual time it takes to deform completely will vary in real life. With lower porosity, it will deform slower. With higher porosity, it will deform faster. 

      I want to predict which condition deforms my model the fastest vs. slowest in real life. I'd actually like to predict how much time it will actually take for the deformation to happen in real life too, if possible.

      Is this something do-able with CFD/FEA Multiphysics modeling? Generally speaking, what kind of modeling should I do?

      Any insight is helpful here.

      Thank you!!



    • Ram Gopisetti
      Ansys Employee
      Hi, based on your information, there is lot to consider, first material modelling, know the material modes supported in the Ansys environment, specially for foams, you need to calibrate and assess the correct material model that yields you response according to the experiments,  next is the loading, know what's your strain rate is that will essantially gives you an estimate on time, time is an important factor and you need to know or have an engineerign guess or you will be running down the rabbit hole. methods have to worked out like based on studied strain rates, for hight strain rates, you can use explicit and for smaller strain rates and slow process you can adapt implicit, on ground level, know and research the topics well advance before you try or begin your FEA study, do not have any guess work in mind
      cheers, ram


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