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    • peteroznewman

      If I want to share a best practice or show a useful technique, where should I place that post?

      It could go in the Tutorials section, but there is only one subcategory there for AIM Tutorials. I did that for this post, but I'm wondering if this section is intended to point to pages outside the Student Community.

      It could go in the appropriate subcategory like Static Structural. I did that for this post.

      What guidance would you have about that?

      If a large number of posts in the Tutorials section are related to Static Structural, will you create a subcategory there as well?

      Cheers, Peter

    • pgl
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Peter,  Another good question :-) 

      For now, such posts should simply go into the relevant physics category, but TAG it as "Best Practices".

      Once we see enough TAGS we can then consider creating a new category. 

      Do you agree?


    • peteroznewman

      That sounds good to me.

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