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Pressure Confusion

    • skdubey

      Dear Friends,

      I am bit confuse how the boundary conditions especially with the pressure is defined in the Ansys.I have incompressible fluid which need to be injected with the constant pressure mode around 25 psi. I have valve, initially at the ambient conditions. 

      In such situation, Should I use the Operating pressure as : 101325 pa for the valve ?

      2. Inlet pressure will be 25 psi or 25+14.67 psig since the inlet has been asked in the pressure gauge?

      3. Outlet pressure will be 0 psi or 14.67 psig since the outlet pressure has been asked in the pressure gauge?

      4. If we define the operting pressure then is there any need to add the 14.67 psi for the inlet or outlet?

      5. I am not sure If I am getting this right. Also when I see the final results, 

      all the results are in Pa or psi in the cfd post are they abosulte pressure?


    • SRP
      Ansys Employee


      I suggest you to please check fluent user's guide: 8.14. Operating Pressure (ansys.com)

      Thank you.

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