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General Mechanical

Pressure distribution study

    • Huijuan


      I am using ANSYS mechanical APDL for my project, I encountered the problem of result being not converged. I am particularly looking at the force error to be lesser than force criterion, but it is oscillating for about 1 hour right now which confuses me on where did I do wrong.

      My input is shell to shell/solid element as attached in the picture. I combined both models and constraint the base and top of the models with contact and target surface on the affected areas. My goal is to study the pressure distribution from the displacement between both models. How should I approach the question differently?

      Thank you in advance for the help

      Best regards


    • peteroznewman
      Hi Jane nIt looks like you are trying to converge on to full load step.nTurn on Auto Time Stepping and set the Initial Substeps to 100.n
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