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Pressure mapping in DAVA

    • ehsan.sadeghi

      I am using DAVA (Deterministic Aero-Vibro Acoustic) workflow to calculate the noise propgation in the surronding space. I start by extracting the pressure fluctuations on the the walls (a duct with a flap) then after FFT , I use .cgns files as excitation source in Harmonic Acoustics. 

      • Assuming that the Fluent Mesh is 4mm on the source region where I have extracted the pressure fluctuations  shoud I use the same mesh size in harmonic acoustic to apply the imported cfd pressure?
    • Federico Alzamora Previtali


      it is not necessary to use the same mesh size as your Fluent simulation. The choice of mesh size should depend factors such as the frequency range of interest and the spatial resolution required

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