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Pressure output for solid element in ALE FSI simulation using LS-DYNA

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    • nbcm1986


      I am working on an ALE FSI simulation and want to output pressures on several locations on the structure. The keyword '*DATABASE_FSI_SENSOR' seems the best-fitted one for my target. But when I input the solid element ID in 'SEGMID' an error appears. The keyword manual states for a 4-node face solid element, the diagonal nodes N1 and N2 are required, but no clear mention about the 'SEGMID'. Should I just input the solid element ID instead and ignore the warning from LSPP?

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    • ido
      Ansys Employee
      Yes please ignore that message. I will talk to our LSPREPOST to remove it. As long as it works, it's ok.
      Manual says: if the solid face has 4 nodes, only the diagonal opposites ND1 and ND2 are required.
      This works for a 3D solid elm ==>

    • nbcm1986
      Thank you. I will try it and validate it.

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