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Discovery Import

Pressure , Total Pressure , Dynamic Pressure Live 2020R2

    • tim.dukes

      In Discovery LIVE 2020R2 we have 3 different pressure variables. I have the definitions from AIM below which I presume are the same for LIVE. 


      Dynamic is pressure isn't defined. Is dynamic pressure when the gas is moving and depends on the direction?


      PressureScalarThe fluid gauge pressure.

      Dynamic Pressure?

      TotalPressureScalarThe gauge pressure obtained by bringing the fluid isentropically to rest, sometimes referred to as stagnation pressure.
    • Subashni Ravichandran
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Tim Dukes

      Dynamic pressure is the difference between Scalar and Total pressure. It is the Kinetic energy of the Fluid per unit volume.

      Yes, as you have mentioned the definitions for Live are same as AIM.

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