Printed Circuit Heat Exchanger Water-Steam Two-phase Simulation

    • anassohail

      I am validating a research paper on printed circuit heat exchanger in which the hot side pressure is at 15.5 MPa and the cold side pressure is at 6MPa. Hot side remain in single phase whereas the cold side undergoes phase change. The boundary conditions are left right and top bottom walls are periodic. The author in the research paper simulated the problem on some other CFD software which used wall boiling model with Rohsenow correlation.

      I want to implement this problem in ANSYS. I have the following questions:

      First I need to know that how to enter the properties of water at two different pressures with varying temperatures as Fluent only asks properties in terms of the temperature.

      Second, after applying periodic boundary condition on the walls. In the periodic conditions, I am asked to enter the upstream bulk temperature and flow direction.

      Third is how to implement the Rohsenow correlation with the RPI wall boiling model is available in FLUENT.

    • Surya Deb
      Ansys Employee
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