Prism layer generation in sharp interior corner of serrated geometry

    • tommym

      Dear Ansys community,


      I am having difficulty generating prism layers around an airfoil with serrated trailing edges. The skewed cells appear to be both in the sharp interior corner as well as the tips of the serration. I am using Y+ = 1 at the wall, with 20-30 cells in the boundary layer at a growth rate of 1.07, both for the airfoil surface, and serrated trailing edges


      1.) I think the problem in this very tight valley is due to collision avoidance of the prism layer region causing skewed cells, which appear to have 5 sides, thus they aren't even prisms


      2.) There is stair stepping when the two edges of the serration surface meet, which is causing skewed cells (not as bad as the valley)

      Any suggestions/advice is appreciated!


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