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problem about *part_ADPTIVE_FAILURE

    • Yun Seung Min

      i was trying to solve example of SPR which is in LS-Dyna example site.


      my status doesnt go further but in LS-run status is still running (cpu usage is amlost none at this moment)

      message is end just like this 

      'Cutting plane=      3053      3056   0.80254E-01'

       i cant solve whole simulation because of this problem

      how can i solve this example????


    • Ram Gopisetti
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Yun, 

      try using SMP DP and use the solver version 13 and above, (usually the lower solver version should work with no issues as it was made Requires LS-DYNA SMP R7.1.2 (or higher) with single precision)

      when we tested it, we found no issues 

      cheers, Ram 

      • Yun Seung Min

        Thanks for feedback, Ram.

        I tried using SMP DP version R13 and Revision: R13.1.1-17-ga451ec960f. (I check this at message file's second box)

        Still same problem is happen.


        as you see fig, message is end and status is still running. Is this problem is happen by memory? or really solver version of ls-dyna?

        and this problem is also happen when i change failure option from *part_ADPTIVE_FAILURE to Mat 24's plastic strain failure. 

        If you dont mind, can you show me the ficture of end solution.



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