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Problem for opening Fluent 2020 R1 Academic Version: fl2010.exe- Entry Point Not Found

    • AliFazeli

      Can anybody help me?

      A Problem for opening Fluent 2020 R1 Academic Version

      When I want to open the Fluent  2020 R1 Academic Version, the following error will appear

      fl2010.exe- Entry Point Not Found

      The Procedure entry point pow2o3f could not be located in the dynamic link library

      After pushing the OK button on the above error the fluent program was hanging and after a long time wrote the following message:

      "The fl process could not be started."

      I uninstall the Ansys fully and install it again but the problem has been remaining. My operating system is Win10 64.

    • Vaibhav Dixit
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Ali,

      Check if libmmd.dll (as well as below Intel Compiler library files) exist in C:Windowssystem32, rename it and try Fluent 2020 R1.

      04/12/2017  08:29 PM           101,120 libchkp.dll

      04/12/2017  08:29 PM           929,536 libgfxoffload.dll

      04/12/2017  08:29 PM           257,280 libicaf.dll

      04/12/2017  08:29 PM         1,744,640 libifcoremd.dll

      04/12/2017  08:29 PM         1,744,640 libifcoremdd.dll

      04/12/2017  08:29 PM         1,732,864 libifcorert.dll

      04/12/2017  08:29 PM         1,732,864 libifcorertd.dll

      04/12/2017  08:29 PM           341,760 libifportmd.dll

      04/12/2017  08:29 PM           935,680 libioffload_host.dll

      04/12/2017  08:29 PM         1,339,648 libiomp5md.dll

      04/12/2017  08:29 PM            81,664 libiompstubs5md.dll

      04/12/2017  08:29 PM         1,540,352 libirngmd.dll

      04/12/2017  08:29 PM         3,493,632 libmmd.dll

      04/12/2017  08:29 PM         3,625,216 libmmdd.dll

      04/12/2017  08:29 PM            81,664 libmpx.dll

      04/12/2017  08:29 PM           935,680 liboffload.dll


      2020 R1/R2 Fluent (as well as other 2020 R1/R2 ANSYS applications) is using Intel Compiler libraries 2019 (rather than 2017) in ANSYS 2020 Rx installation directory:

      But if 2017 libmmd.dll is placed in C:Windowssystem32, Fluent 2020 Rx links to the 2017 C:Windowssystem32libmmd.dll and prints that error: "Procedure entry point pow2o3 was not found in the dynamic link library"

      Maybe some other software Installation put these Intel Compiler 2017 (17.0) libraries on C:Windowssystem32?

      IntelCompiler and IntelMKL Redist libraries should not be placed in C:Windowssystem32 since different applications may require different version of Intel Complier libraries.

      - Vaibhav

    • AliFazeli

      Hi Vdixit

      Wow, It works. I changed the name of libmmd.dll to libmmd1.dll in C:Windowssystem32 and my Fluent starts without error.

      Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu so much for your help.

      Kind Regards

      Ali Fazeli

    • amr.yousry
      You are really skilled, I applied the same solution you suggested and the problem of fluent was disappeared for me as well. I have another problem regarding ANSYS Mechanical APDL 2020 R2, which is as follows:nI attached the errors I had when I try to start ANSYS Mechanical APDL 2020 R2.nArrayArrayArrayArraynn
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