Problem in ANSYS AIM Electromagnetics simulation

    • Morghem

      Hi everyone,

         I was trying to simulate the magnet field between two permanent magnets, one of the magnets is insert in one of the roller of the Cylindrical Roller Bearing, and the another one is at a fixed position which is coaxial with previous one.

      The material of the two magnets are NdFe30 and they share the same X-axis; all other part of the bearing are made of structural steel.

      When I start simulation, it says:

      Source setup error, possible reasons are 1) The solved region is not singly connected. If any circle in the solved region can not be freely shrunk to a point, then solved region is not regarded as singly connected. 2) The master and slave boundaries are separated. For this case, ?Zero Tangential H Field?boundary condition  need to be assigned on one boundary connecting master and slave boundaries.

      Could you please help me to find out how to solve this problem please?

      By the way, if I want to expolre the magnet field change while the bearing rotating is there a possible way for me to make the simulation other than perform a new simulation each time when the bearing rotate for 15 degrees?

      Thanks a lot!



    • Paul Larsen
      Ansys Employee

      This sounds like you don't have a "Region" object defined.  In Magnetic simulations, we need a larger object with "Vacuum" or "Air" material in order for the simulation to define the domain to calculate magnetic fields.  You can either subtract the other objects from within that vacuum object, or you can leave it just as a larger box and the mesher/solver will implicitly subtract out the magnetic objects from the vacuum region.  This should resolve the "single connected" issues.

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