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Problem in explicit dynamics

    • Aayushman Banerjee

      I wanted to simulate a bullet penetrating a plate but it seems to be running  into meshing problems as i move to initial conditions but i was successful in simulating a small block moving into a plate, but for some reason im facing a problem where i place the block maybe a few inches from the plate and set the correct direction and velocity for the block...rather than moving towards the plate it moves away from the plat even when i have set the correct direction of movement, any help?

    • peteroznewman

      Do not configure an impact problem with a gap between the projectile and the target. The projectile should be tangent to the target in the geomety. Why waste any simulation time computing the projectile travelling to the target?

      Give the projectile an initial velocity, and support the target however you want.

      The reason you see the projectile going backward may be because you did not request sufficient frames in the output.

      Under Analysis Settings, set the end time to a small value, such as 0.001 second (one millisecond) or smaller. A good way to calcluate an end time is to divide the thickness of the target in meters by the inital velocity of the projectile in m/s. That end time will be long enough for the tip of the projectile, which starts at the front face of the target, to reach the back face of the target.

      The default number of output frames is 20. It is better to make that number be 200 or 2000.

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