Problem in Increasing number of nodes and element in 2D_state heat conduction problem

    • Haad Ali Gujjar


      I am solving the 2D heat conduction problem in Ansys. I am unable to increase the number of nodes. First for creating the 3 elements and 8 nodes in a component of length 3m and height 1m. I select mesh control > edge sizing. After selecting the left and right edges, I go to geometry and push the apply button. Then, under type>number of division. I give the number of divisions as 1. And, it provides me with the required mesh. As shown

      Then, for my next problem, I have need of 6 elements along x-axis like the previous example and 14 nodes like this.

      But, when a change the condition and increase the number of divisions to 3. It generates such a mesh.

      It not only increase the number of the element along x to 9 but, also increases the number of nodes and element by providing 2 more extra horizontal lines in the middle of the component. I am a student of Fundamental of the FEA course and my many colleagues are facing this issue regarding increasing the number of nodes. Therefore, I have created this thread. I will be very thankful, I someone figure out our problem and guide us on how to generate a mesh with 6 element and 14 nodes in 2d_ steady-state heat conduction problem. Thank you. If anyone has need of some more details for clarification than feel free to ask. Furthermore, if I increase the number to division to 6 as stated in the mesh refinement screenshot, then the condition is even worse like that.

      I have attached the file also if it is helpful for someone.


    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee

      Use face meshing.

      Combined with "Hard" behavior for edge sizing.

      btw which license are you using?


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    • Haad Ali Gujjar

      Thank you very much @Aniket. First, I applied face mesh to the whole body. Then, by choosing to sizing in the mesh control and selecting the top and the bottom surface I got my mesh. I reduce the size to 0.5m for getting 6 elements in the total length of 3m.

      I am using version Ansys 19.2. Thanks for solving my problem.


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