Problem in simulating a simple parallel plate waveguide in HFSS

    • Akshaj

      Hi Everyone,

      I am having some problems in simulating simple parallel plate waveguide in HFSS. I will appreciate if you can suggest some solutions.

      I tried making the parallel plate waveguide (whose cut off frequency is 10 GHz) in two ways:-

      1) I choose a box and choose dimensions are such that the cut off frequency of waveguide is 10GHz. I assigned perfect electric boundary to both top and bottom plate and PML( Perfectly marched layer) boundary to other two sides, because I read that it is used to emulate a perfect absorber. On the other two sides, I assigned wave port( tried with and without defining the integration line)

      Geometry 1

      2) Second, case is similar to the first one but instead of assigning Perfect Electric boundaries to top and bottom sides of the box, I built small layer of PEC on top of them (the thickness is very small)

      Problem:- After I run the simulation, I don't obtain the surface currents on the bottom plate as I expect.They should be constant and not sinusoidal. 

      My Preception : The structure is correct, the problem has something to do with the excitation. 

      Actually, I have worked with only lumped ports before, this is the first time I am dealing with the wave port.

      I am attaching the magnitude plot of surface current and Complex magnitude plot of surface current.

      Magnitude_ Jsurf

      Complex Magnitude_Jsurf


      I will appreciate if you could help me with this.


      Warm Regards

      Akshaj Arora

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