Problem in Two-way Coupling of Maxwell and Steady State Thermal in ANSYS Workbench 19.0

    • pratikroy94


      One way coupling of Maxwell and Steady State Thermal is working well in our ANSYS Workbench. We have imported motor losses from the Maxwell to Steady State Thermal successfully for electric motor and also got the temperature distribution map of electric motors in Steady State Thermal from the imported motor losses.


      But we couldn’t able to export the temperature results to Maxwell to resolve the electromagnetic simulation of electric motor. We have checked all the options needed to get temperature dependency option enabled into Maxwell such as enabling thermal modifier for copper and putting the temperature-dependent equation in the bulk conductivity section, checking temperature dependency and enable feedback option in the object temperature section.

      Although everything looks fine, the imported load in Steady State Thermal doesn’t show any option for exporting the temperature results after solve. According to ANSYS tutorial file, there should be an export definition in imported load’s detail tree where export after solve option needs to be selected as ‘YES’. But in our Steady State Thermal, there is only limited information (attached picture). Can anyone please help us with this problem? What should be done to solve this issue?

      Limited info in imported load details from Maxwell in Steady State Thermal


    • carpekev

      Hi pratikroy94,


      Were you able to achieve the temperature feedback from Thermal to Maxwell? If not, try using Workbench's Feedback Iterator to get it to work. Be sure to change the "Max Iterations" from the default 100 to something small, but greater than 1, otherwise the feedback iterator will solve the entire system over and over until the target temperature convergence is reached, which, if not properly defined, could be forever. So just use a small number to see if it's working. Once the feedback iterator is set up, just click "Update Project" at the top.


    • fedjounali

      when i click on imported load ,export results doesn't appear how can i set export option in order to export results back to ansys maxwell?

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