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Problem launching cfx5pre


    • Colin Bannister

      I am having problems using later versions of cfx5pre on a remote Linux system.  I am using x2go to connect to teh system, which runs on Centos 7.9.

      Using ANSYS v190, cfx5pre launches fine, with no errors.  On all other versions (v201,v202,v211,v221,v222) it gives errors.  On terminal I see:

      cczcb@vis001(Augusta) ~]$ vglrun /software/ansys_inc/v222/CFX/bin/cfx5pre &
      [1] 19129
      [cczcb@vis001(Augusta) ~]$ Use of uninitialized value $comps[1] in join or string at /software/ansys_inc/v222/CFX/bin//perllib/CFX5/ line 263.
      /software/ansys_inc/v222/CFX/bin/linux-amd64/PreGui_ogl.exe: /software/ansys_inc/v222/tp/qt/5.9.6/linx64/lib/ no version information available (required by /software/ansys_inc/v222/tp/qt/5.9.6/linx64/lib/

      The splash screen opens, with an error as in the attached screenshot

      If I click 'OK' I get a 'Fatal Error' pop-up, and have to abort the session.

      If anyone has any ideas what might be happening, I'd be very grateful to hear.



    • George Karnos
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Colin,

      Check that the Required Linux libraries are installed for the 202* versions.

      Chapter 2 of the Linux installation Guide.


    • Colin Bannister

      Thanks George - I've found that chapter.  I have tried a different installation method on the same system, and am now able to launch cfx5pre.  I will try and work out why these are behaving differently!



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