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General Mechanical

Problem of connecting CIRCU94 element to the defined nodes by using E command

    • Mueller

       I am trying to repeat an example analyses of a piezoelectric circuit in  Workbench (

      I have defined piezo element properties of the same piezoelectric cube and top bottom electrodes. If I apply voltage, a simulation shows correct values. However, in the next step of adding CIRCU94 element by command lines I get an error:

      Element 1729 does not have all of its required nodes defined.  The E  command is aborted.                                                    
      The E command cannot store element 1729, possibly because one or more nodes is not defined.

      Another issue is a command " *get,Cs,node,n_top,rf,chrg ", is it possible to read a charge value in Workbench without command line?

      Thanks in advance.




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