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    • Hang

      Hi all,

      I am new on using ANSYS Maxwell.  As I need to do some study on how the magnetic force affect the mechanical structure, I try to use the existing training material from ANSYS Maxwell to help me figure out how to apply the simulation process on my stud

      I use the above model to start my training on ANSYS.  All the things run well, but when I remove those components, except the metal bar and magnet, the force shown on ANSYS same a little bit strange. Below is the result that all components (magnet, core and metal bar) was simulated and the force is about 0.051297N in x-direction.

      When I removed the core, the force in x-direction was changed to 0.1399N.

      This is out of our expectation and I would like to know is there any thing is wrong?  I just based on the training manual to input those parameters, and, by removing some of the components, I want to know what is the effect on the force acting on the metal bar (in my study, I need to add different kind or thickness or even permeability of material between magnet and metal bar).

      It is appriciated your help.


    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee


      Looking at the geometry you haven't used additional energizing coil on the center limb as shown in the tutorial, in such case all the magnetic field from magnet may be confined to the core itself, closing the path through the center limb, with out reaching the metal bar. 

      Assuming that all other setup and excitations are correct. Can you plot the "Mag B" from the field plots in both the cases and see how much flux density do you observe in airgap? Check if you see more mag B value in the first case in the airgap than in the second case near the bar.


      Best Regards,


    • Hang

      Hi Navya,

      Thanks for your suggestion. It works now.



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