Problem simulating heater-air-solid heat transfer

    • Samuel94

      Hi everyone,

      I'm currently working on a project which invole using a heater in free air in order to heat a composite sheets. I'd like to simulate the heat transfer from the heater to the air, than to the composite sheets. I've figured out how to simulate de radiative portion, but I dont how to do the convection part.

      First, heat is generated with a density of 48 KW/m2 in the heater. Heat transfer then occurs into the air, than from the air into the composite sheets. I know the heat flux coming out of the heater, but i can figured out how much goes through the composites sheets .As you know, temperature of the air between both surfaces is changing with time.

      I'd like to avoid using FLUENT or CFD as i'm really not familiar enough with those solver. I'm using the transiant thermal ansysis (mechanical )


      Here is a image presentng our setup.


    • peteroznewman

      Why have a design that allows the heat put into the air to convection that heat away? I wonder why these objects are not in an enclosed space like an oven cavity.

      It seems like this model needs an air space around it and for the model to be solved in FLUENT, whether there are oven walls or just an arbitrary amount of room air defined as some boundary planes of inlet, outlet and symmetry.

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