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Problem to draw Circle

    • julio morais

      Someone could help me?
      I have a problem to draw in Spaceclaim.

      1° The outline does not appear in Spaceclaim;

      2° When I draw a Circle and try to extrude the figure becames pentagon or hexagon.

      I attached the process. Please if someone know how I can resolve this problem, help me.
      I already installed and uninstalled the software but the problem happen yet.

      Thank's in advanced

    • peteroznewman

      If you mesh that shape, does it result in a good circular shapes in the mesh?  If so, it may be a graphics rendering problem.

      First update the graphics driver for your display adapter.

      Second, in SpaceClaim, click File, SpaceClaim Options, then click Advanced. At the bottom, in Graphics, try each of the options listed.

    • lokeshkalamalla

      Click on File->SpaceClaim Options, look for Graphic performance options and set rendering quality to a value(1-6) and set default

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