Problem to generate quality mesh for complex geometry

    • Miri

      Hello everyone,

      I have several questions relating to meshing the complex geometry in Ansys. I did not draw the geometry; it was used in design challenge. I have the STEP file of it. 

      1. When I import the STEP file to Ansys, it shows zero thickness. So first I opened the STEP file on Solidworks and after some modifications saved it as STEP file again and it kinda worked. I am not sure that was the correct solution.

      2. I divided geometry several parts to make meshing efficient. First, I started to mesh the most complex geometry. My main problem occurs when I try to mesh complex geometry using capture curvature and capture proximity on. The message pop up: 

      The surface mesh is intersecting or close to intersecting, making it difficult to create a volume mesh. Please adjust the mesh size or adjust the geometry to fix the problem.


      I tried to decrease the size around problematic faces, edges, but it did not solve the problem. I tried to repair geometry in design modeler and used the virtual topology, but this also did not help.  

      As I did not draw the part myself, I am really struggling to solve the problem by adjusting the geometry.  From your experience what is the optimal way to solve the problem?


      (I’m absolutely new to this field, just took the course from Edx Intro to Engineering Simulation)


      I am attaching the photos of the sliced body which creates the problem during the mesh and also original and modified step files, and Ansys file.


      Any advice you could give would be much appreciated

      Thanks & Regards,





    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee

      Unfortunately, Ansys employees can not download attachments from student community. I see that you are using Enterprise license, can you please open a new SR on customer portal instead where you should be able to exchange the files easily?


      How to access Ansys Online Help Document

      How to show full resolution image

      Guidelines on the Student Community

      How to use Google to search within Ansys Student Community


    • Miri

      Hello Aniket,

      Thanks for your response!

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