Discovery Import

Discovery Import

Problem to import step file


    • ybiran
      Hi, I had a question for a problem to import step. The customer is using discovery spaceclaim since 1 month and until there he doesn't have any problem ! Since Monday, when he tries to import a step file, he has the errors message join to the mail. I try to import one of these step on my computer and I don't have any problem ! What is the meaning of these messages ? Did you have a solution to resolve the problem ? Best regards Yohann NOVACAD
    • Brian Bueno
      Ansys Employee


      Hi Yohann,

      Is Discovery SpaceClaim failing to launch at all, or does this problem only appear when using File > Open > STEP?

      This error usually appears when the user does not have a valid subscription.

      Advise the user to use File > Open and locate the STEP file in Windows Explorer.

      If they are double clicking or dragging and dropping, that operation may be trying to launch an older version of SpaceClaim still installed on the machine, or it may be registering as trying to launch a 2nd instance.

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