Discovery Import

Discovery Import

Problèm to save in step file


    • ybiran


      A customer has a problem with the attached file.
      it saves the file in step and when the file is reopened there are faces that should not exist, you can see them in comparison with the images !

      The file is clean, though!
      Do you know where this problem could be coming from? 

      Best regards


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    • Brian Bueno
      Ansys Employee


      There are some problems with the body in the original SCDOC, but I would just repair this problem after importing the STEP file.

      1. Split the face approximately as shown below and right click on the indicated face and select Detach.
      2. You will notice a very narrow face pointing into the geometry.  Detach this and delete it, then use Fill to replace the missing face.  Fill the edges as well to remove them and leave 1 unbroken face.
    • ybiran

      ok, i understand !

      Thanks a lot

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