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Problem unable to locate prereq\2019vcredist_x64.exe

    • Lara Martinez

      Hello! Im dowloading Ansys and first it gave me the following error.Captura de pantalla 2023-02-02 a las 18.00.13.png

      I dowloaded this on

      and dowloaded on the computer. But now a new fail shows up saying "ERROR --> Unable to locate C:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc\ANSYS
      Do you wish to continue with the installation?"

      I adjunct the folder where I have installed the microsoft visual. I hope someone can hel me!! Thanks a lot

    • ANSYS_MMadore
      Ansys Employee

      Please uninstall, then be sure delete the installation directory completely. Next, reinstall ANSYS Student, be sure to use right-click -> Run as administrator.  If you encounter the same error with installation of prerequisites, select No and see if the install will proceed. You can then run the prerequisite installations separately from the prereq directory.

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