Problem updating mesh component in ANSYS workbench

    • mattsarg55

      Good Evening,

      Recently I have been trying to model combustion and fluid flow through a burner I have designed using ANSYS Fluent. I have done a cold flow model with the mesh that I had used to have, but once I began to include things like radiation, and species I would get a floating point exception during the calculation step in Fluent.

      In order to combat this issue I tried to alter my mesh to make it finer, the model will appear to mesh perfectly fine with no irritating meshes, however, upon trying to update the mesh tab in ANSYS workbench I am met with the error:

      'The mesh translation to Fluent failed due to non-con-formal, duplicate, or degenerate mesh elements'

      I am at my wits end and have tried everything from altering the mesh size (numerous times), the topology, and playing around with refinement. As well as combinations of all of these.

      Now I am a fairly new CFD user so maybe I am missing something very trivial so please go easy on me lol.

      Below I will include pictures of my mesh and its sizing parameters that WORKED for the COLD FLOW test (laminar, no species, no radiation).

    • mattsarg55

      Also here is a picture of my model without the mesh, the green within is the volume that I am going to have my fluid and combustion running through and need to model.

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      If you have a single flow volume you may not need to model the solid parts. 

      For trouble shooting mesh a zone at a time and see if that will transfer to Fluent. You've probably set some sizing that is causing a poor mesh somewhere: if you can use the size functions and global controls as opposed to many local size controls. 

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